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The Good Neighbor Community Center provides basic and emergency needs to low-income non-duplicated individuals. Each client or family is personally welcomed through an individual interview and encouraged to participate in the following programs. (We ask current GNCC clients to bring their Service Point cards for the following services unless otherwise stated)



Food Distribution Program


GNCC distributes non-perishable like canned food, frozen meat, dry beans, pasta, etc. through our Shopper's Choice Pantry. Individuals with appointments are given the opportunity to walk into our pantry and pick out food for themselves depending on their family sizes and the amount of food available. Clients may receive non-perishable food every 30 days. NOTE: Appointment needed before one can come in for a pantry. Call us at 9 am to set up an appointment. If it is an emergency case, please call the center at 402.477.4173 and explain your situation. Make sure you talk to a staff or volunteer. Perishables Each Monday and Wednesday, GNCC distributes perishable food like fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, etc. between 10am-12pm. No appointment needed to come in for perishables but we ask for GNCC client cards. Food Net Every Sunday at 3pm-4pm, Allon Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church is on site hosting Food Net. No appointment or Client ID needed.

Basic and Emergency Assistance Program 


GNCC receives donations from the community which are then given out to those in need at no cost. Items given out through this

program include but not limited to clothes and clothe accessories, shoes, purses, appliances, small furniture (due to lack of

room), and other household items as donated. We ask for clean items from the community that could still be used by those in

need. We are unable to pick up donated items but we are glad to receive them at our center Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 4

pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm.

After meeting with an interviewer and completing the needs assessment, each client may shop for the donated items at no cost.

Clients can shop for these items every 60 days for each family member. We encourage clients to bring some proof of income

and expenses every time they come in to validate where they live and to help us with data needed when writing grants.

Layettes: These are offered to new moms to assist them with the necessities they need for their newborns.

Personal Care items: These are given out depending on what is available.

Fans: In the summer, we offer fans for clients in need.

New Quilts: New refugees and immigrants are offered new quilts to help them when they arrive in Lincoln and Lancaster

County. We also offer quilts to individuals that have lost their property from theft, fire, flood, etc. The rest of the clients are

encouraged to pick out blankets and bedding from our shopping floor when they are shopping.

NOTE: Appointment needed before one can come in to shop. Call us at 9am to set up an appointment.

Grandparents Christmas Room

Grandparents are invited to shop every other year for their grandchildren during the holiday season. Grandchildren must be 10

years old or younger. GNCC posts the sign up dates. Grandparents need to bring in social security cards for their grandchildren

to be able to shop for their grandchildren's gifts.

Note: Please call to make an appointment or inquire if you are eligible.


The MENA Hope Project provides assistance to refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. We collaborate

with resettlement agencies bringing new refugees into Lincoln and Lancaster County to help them with a smooth transition to

their new home. Home visits may be made to determine what assistance they will need and the new families are given a priority

to come and shop at the center for clothes, get food, and enroll in classes. Interpretation services are provided to assist with

appointments and translating all sorts of documents that the clients may have.

The project advocates for women to enable them become independent by providing tools and resources to help them achieve


NOTE: Please call Zainab Al-Baaj for more information.

Other services provided by MENA HOPE Project

Friday Women Classes: Every Friday (when public schools are open) we have Friday classes that feature different speakers

covering a lot of topics which range from health, public safety, cooking, careers, parenting, etc. Before the class starts, the

participants study English for an hour from 11 am to 12 pm with different teachers depending on their English levels and them

meet together to listen to the guest speaker of that day.

English Classes: GNCC collaborates with South East Community College and Lincoln Literacy to help individuals learn English

Monday through Friday. We also have individual volunteers who work volunteer to help out those in need.

A teacher from South East Community College is on site three times a week to work with level 2 English students.

Lincoln Literacy sends trained volunteers to teach English three times a week.

NOTE: Call South East Community College for more details at 1-800-642-4075 to sign up and asked to be placed at the Good

Neighbor Community Center location. You can also call the center and talk to Zainab for ESL classes placement.

GED Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday evening the center provides GED classes in collaboration with South East

Community College.

NOTE: Call SCC for more details at 1-800-642-4075 to sign up and asked to be placed at the Good Neighbor Community Center


Computer Classes: We offer introduction to computer classes and have a lab where clients can use computers to do job

searches and work on computer skills.

NOTE: No appointment is needed for this program.

MENACTIVITY: This is a program meant to help women and young children exercise 2 hours a week. These women do not

have the privilege of exercising in public because they cannot take of their hijab. The program allows them to use a gym

exclusively without worrying about non-related males looking at them due to their culture or religious beliefs.


Other Basic and Emergency Assistance programs include


Rent / Utility Assistance

Good Neighbor Community Center helps with individuals with eviction notices and those in need of assistance with utility shut off

notices. We encourage individuals to look for assistance from other agencies because the amount we have to give out is very

limited each given month.

Star Tran Low Income Bus Pass Sales Site

We sell monthly bus passes for $8 to low income families and the HandiVan pass for $16 Proof of eligibility (which is 200%

poverty level) and Photo ID is required by Star Tran before we can sell these passes.

NOTE: No appointment necessary.

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