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Good Neighbor Community Center Helping People Help Themselves


Helping People Help Themselves

About Us

In   1973,   the   Seventh-Day   Adventist   Churches   of   Lincoln   saw   a   need   for   basic   and   emergency   services   in   our community.   They   founded   the   Good   Neighbor   Community   Center.   Over   the   years,   we   have   provided   emergency   food, clothing   and   household   items   in   a   kind,   understanding   environment.   Each   client   is   personally   welcomed   through   an individual interview and encouraged to participate in our programs. Our   passion   is   not   only   assisting   individuals   with   basic   and   emergency   needs   but   also   giving   them   opportunities   to build bright futures for their families and the entire community. In   2003,   Good   Neighbor   Community   Center   was   duly   incorporated   under   the   laws   of   NE   state   and   we   are   now collaborating   with   like-minded   organizations,   schools,   businesses,   churches,   and   individuals   in   Helping   People   Help Themselves.   While   the   Seventh-Day   Adventist   Church   still   owns   the   building,   it   transferred   all   functions   to   the   Board of    Directors    that    was    formed    in    2003    but    still    supports    the    center    with    monthly    subsidy,    Board    of    Directors representatives, and volunteers.


"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink... I needed clothes and you clothed me" (Matthew 25:35,36).


The   Good   Neighbor   Community   Center   provides   an   environment   that   meets   basic   human   needs   and   provides culturally    sensitive    services    offerinc    social,    educational,    and    physical    direction.    Individuals    and    families    are empowered with positive life-changing skills, making a tangible and intangible impact in the community.
Celebrating 45 years of service in our community