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Good Neighbor Community Center Helping People Help Themselves

May - Give to Lincoln Day

Give   to   Lincoln   Day   is   a   24   hour   online   donation   for   Lincoln   and   Lancaster   County   non-profit organizations    recogniozed    by    IRS    as    501C3    public    charities    sponsored    by    Lincoln Community Foundation. Good   Neighbor   Community   Center   has   participated   in   this   event   where   individuals   give   a minimum   of   $10.   Lincoln   Community   Foundation   and   its   sponsors   provide   a   match   that   has been    around    $300,000    every    year.    Each    participating    organization    then    receives    a proportional share of the fund based on the percentage they raise.

October - Samples of the World Fundraiser

Samples   of   the   World   is   an   event   that   was   started   in   2009   to   celebrate   36   years   of   service   to Lincoln   and   Lancaster   County.   Each   year,   the   event   features   dinner   and   desserts   prepared by   immigrants   and   friends   of   the   Good   Neighbor   Community   Center.   The   event   is   hosted   at College   View   Seventh-Day Adventist   Church   and   all   proceedings   benefit   the   GOod   Neighbor Community Center. In   the   past,   guests   have   been   able   to   purchase   cook   books,   sponsored   diapers,   personal care     items,     bid     on     dinners,     purchased     our     food     truck          and     replace     our     floors.

November and December - Thanksgiving and Grandparents Christmas Room

The   Good   Neighbor   Community   Center   offers   Thanksgiving   food   baskets   in   November through    our    pantry.    Individuals    in    need    have    to    make    appointments    in    the    month    of November. The   Grandparents   Christmas   Room   provides   gifts   to   low-income   grandparents. They   receive donated    toys    and    gift    wraps    or    bags    which    they    can    give    to    their    grandchildren    for Christmas.
Celebrating 45 years of service in our community